Welcome to Smarta Water

We are an independent retailer supplying water and wastewater services across England and Scotland.

The Smarta Way

At Smarta, we care about our planet and want to make sure there will always be enough water for all.

Therefore water efficiency, sustainability and reducing water consumption for our customers come top of our list. We not only provide water, but work with our customers to find solutions ensuring their water is used as efficiently as possible.

We’re Smarta Solo

We offer services we know our customers need and want, at the highest standard, by combining excellent customer service, simple billing and management, with the best products on the market today.

We’re proudly independent. Not being affiliated with any of the UK’s traditional water wholesalers allows us to concentrate on what we do best — making our customers our number one priority.

Switch It Up

Switching to Smarta is easy.

We created the “Simply Smarta Solution” to make your move to us a breeze.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team know a lot about the water and environmental industries. With us, you can be sure your water management and long-term sustainability goals are in safe hands.

If you’re ready to Switch, our team is ready to help. (Click here for how to get started)