No business likes wastage. Whether it’s your time, money or water! Usage is key to our spending and saving patterns, which could be a starting point for how to analyse where you could be saving.

So, here are 5 ways to be Smarta and minimise your wastage.


1. Read water meter data and reports to identify leaks early

If you don’t regularly read your water meter data, how are you going to even know where you could be saving?

By saving water you are saving money and minimising your wastage. This is why it’s Smarta with our Smarta Utility Management Systems (SUMS)  and Smarta Loggers. You can access readings at any time and at any site — even if there are more than one.

With data that can update every 15 minutes, accurate readings can point you in the right direction to solve an issue, should there be one. So, read! You may identify small problems quicker and prevent them becoming a bigger and more substantial issue.

2. Repair leaking pipes, valves or other equipment quickly.

If there is a problem, fix it! The sooner you repair small issues, the less likely it will have a major effect on your business later. It also means that you will be more in control of the issue and can cut wastage as soon as possible. If you can prevent potential wastage, you could be saving your business a lot of time, money and resources.


3. Replace seals on water pipes that become worn.

When seals become worn they are more likely to cause an issue. You are more likely to encounter a problem from equipment that is dated. By replacing or investing in new equipment can  prevent this potential wastage and keep your business running efficiently.

4. Remember to turn taps and outlets off when not in use

This sounds simple, but it’s Smarta. Using water when it isn’t needed doesn’t seem like a huge concern, but it can all add up. The more water you waste by leaving the tap on, the more money goes down the drain (literally). A small habitual change can make a huge difference.


5. Renew old equipment with water-saving models

Water-saving devices are one of the most effective ways to reduce wastage. It means that as well as having new and more efficient equipment that you are most definitely reducing your consumption because that it what the devices are designed to do.

It can be as simple as switching to dual-flush systems in lavatories, efficient shower-heads or even tap inserts.

As well as decreasing water wastage, you will also be benefitting the environment by reducing the consumption of your business. The more efficient you are with your water, the lower your bills are, and the overall energy consumption decreases, thus reducing carbon emissions which contributes to the global climate change issue.


By being Smarta with your water you can save. Keep the 5 R’s in mind to minimise your wastage!







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