Water is vital in everything we do. Whether it’s at home or at work, we rely on water to carry out daily activities and routine essentials.

So, how can Smarta benefit you?

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Consolidated Billing

We all know that keeping track of multiple bills is a job in itself. Business is complicated enough, so at Smarta, we make it simpler with one bill and one set of payment terms.

We’ll wrap everything up neatly in one single monthly payment, no matter how many meters and how many premises you own. This means everything is in one place, one bill and no fuss.

Our consolidated billing service also helps you to view and compare your water usage over time, and because you can compare across different sites, you can make sure that you are being efficient.

This means you can check your bills and keep track of them easily and in one place. Easy to do, Smarta to use.

Smarta Utility Management Systems (SUMS)

Our Smarta Utility Management Systems, also known as SUMS, use real-time data to monitor usage as often as every 15 minutes.

This means as well as giving you regular and accurate readings, we can identify any gradual or sudden changes which could be costing you money.

Being able to recognise these changes will indicate the small problems that aren’t always noticeable until there’s a big problem — such as leaks, valve problems and inefficient processes that can soon mount up to big charges.

So, by using SUMS with Smarta, we can detect changes as soon as possible to avoid damage or fix the issue quickly.

By also working together before we install SUMS, we can identify areas to provide the best opportunities for savings to be made now and in the future.

Customer Service

Smarta starts with you. Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the simple process of making the Smarta Switch

We also offer any additional advice and services should you need it through agreements and affiliations with our industry leading partners.

This means you are fully supported whilst switching and have peace of mind, knowing any questions can be answered whenever you need.

For more information to make #SmartaSwitch contact us on 0333 300 1878

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