As it is also National Gardening Week, so our first sprinkle of water-saving tips and tricks for Water Saving Week will be focussed on your very own back yard!

Everyone loves a beautiful garden, filled with gorgeous shrubbery, plants and flowers, but are you be splashing out where you could be saving?


Reduce your watering

Many people can be prone to over-watering their gardens. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether there is enough water to keep the plants alive, but excessive watering wont help and it will clog up your water bill too!

Checking moisture with a water moisture metre or even just checking with your finger will give a good indication to tell you whether or not you need to give your seedlings a small sprinkle. It’s cheap and will keep you and your bank cheerful!

You could even plant flora that need less water to grow! It also means that you don’t have to worry as much about watering them so often, and your garden will still look gorgeous!

Re-use and Recycle

Even if you aren’t from a particularly rainy area of the UK, there is a lot of water that can be re-used and recycled! Re-using water is an excellent way to save on hosing new water into your flower beds each time you tend to your garden!

Rainwater can be captured in water butts, buckets or even just watering cans, so you can re-use the water to save on splashing out from the tap! It’s easy. It can be collected from gutters and roofs or even just by leaving buckets outside!

Grey Water

Grey water is domestic wastewater. This can also be used in the garden too!

This may be used water from the kitchen, the washing machine, baths, or showers. By using grey water, it means that you can do twice as much with the same amount of water by using it for a second time. If that’s not efficient, what is?!


Water is a valuable resource and as much as we need to use it, we also need to conserve it and find ways to be Smarta to both cut costs and benefit the environment!

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