With 2019 upon us and to ensure your business can really excel this year it’s important to look ahead and prepare for anything to happen.

It is a great time now we’re fully back in the swing of things after the festive holidays to reflect on previous years and better yet, figure out how to make this one even better, starting with your water.

As expected temperatures have dropped with a likelihood of colder conditions ahead across the UK, and predictions of snow not so far away, it’s vital that you prepare yourself and your business for the winter season!

With cold weather becoming the norm for the next few months, it’s certainly the optimum time to look at associated risks of freezing conditions.  When the temperature takes a nose dive, water in your pipes can freeze, causing them to burst. Water floods your business damaging property and disrupting productivity.  Your business has to pay for repairs, it’s costly, time consuming and inconvenient.

Let’s focus on some simple solutions to be Smarta in the cold weather and give you a warm feeling of comfort. 


1. Find, identify and fix – locate any dripping outlets and get them repaired as soon as possible to avoid the problem becoming more serious.


2. Monitor the mains –  monitoring your regular consumption, manually through regular meter reads or through an automated system such as Smarta Utilities Monitoring System (SUMS) can be used to identify unusual water consumption and identify if a leak has occurred that you need to locate and fix.


3. All wrapped up – insulate inside and out, keeping pipes secure, minimising the risk of freezing and preventing unwanted bursts.


4. Better serviced than sorry – get your boiler and plant utilising water feeds serviced to ensure it is working correctly and there are no leaks and drips which can freeze and cause inconvenient closures and loss of productivity.


5. Stop it – If all else fails and a pipe bursts, knowing the location of your stop tap and how to turn it off, can save valuable time and prevent water damage to your business property. Locate yours, test it and share it’s location and how to operate it…just in case