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One size does not fit all. Whilst there may be similarities, all businesses are different. Different needs require tailored solutions and our bespoke approach to water management means we provide the right services and benefits just for you.

Our range of products were developed from our commitment to reducing water consumption through efficiency. What benefits the environment benefits you, as you save and improve your sustainability.

Our Smarta Solutions

Water & Wastewater

Innovation and technology, balanced with a holistic approach, helps us deliver efficient and sustainable water and wastewater management services.

To put it simply, wastewater is a by-product of domestic, industrial, commercial and agricultural activities. It is “used water” or “grey water” and comes from any combination of processes, surface run-off, storm water as well as sewer inflow and infiltration.

By reducing wastewater production and identifying new ways to use grey water, the savings can really add up. The less clean water you use, the less waste water you have to pay to dispose of. Which is why we continually provide service improvements that offer long-term value to you.


We can help you reduce your bills, and your carbon footprint? We call that a win-win

Avoid Landing Your Business in Hot Water

Trade Effluent

Not the most glamorous of topics we know, but we also know, understanding your requirements for disposing of trade effluent is vital.

If effluent is discharged into our public sewers due to a business or industrial process it is governed by the Water Industry Act 1991. This includes all liquids washed down sinks, toilets, or put into a private sewer that connects to a public sewer.

Just to be clear, any liquid waste, or effluent, other than uncontaminated surface water, rainwater run-off and domestic sewage is classified as trade effluent. Additionally, trade effluent legislation applies no matter the size business. All companies must comply with the legal restrictions — no matter how much you discharge.

It’s worth noting discharges above 5m3 per day generally require full consent. Not sure if this applies to you? Give us a call and one of our Smarta team will happily help you determine your consent requirements.

Stay Smarta

Automated Meter Reading and Smarta Utility Management Systems (SUMS)

Sometimes the small problems we face aren’t noticeable until there’s a big problem. Leaks, valve problems and inefficient processes can soon mount up to big charges.

With Smarta Utility Management Systems, or SUMS for short, it’s possible to use real-time data to monitor usage as often as every 15 minutes. Ideal for helping us spot gradual and sudden changes which could be costing you money.

By working together before we install SUMS, we can identify areas to provide the best opportunities for savings to be made now and in the future. Now that’s Smart!

Waste Not Want Not

Water Efficiency and Devices

Water efficiency is taking small steps to create big change. Simply by choosing products specifically designed to improve water efficiency and staying on top of maintenance, we can significantly reduce water wastage — good for the planet and good for the bottom line.

Where water conversation restricts how much water we use, water efficiency looks to reduce the amount of water we waste. Our aim is to help you use the least amount of water possible to get the job done. By measuring the amount of water required for a particular purpose and the actual amount used, we offer Smarta solutions to help reduce both the potable and non-potable water wherever we can.

Take our Smarta steps to help reduce water waste:
FIX leaking taps.
CHOOSE water efficient shower heads.
CONSIDER installing displacement devices inside toilet cisterns SWITCH to water free urinals.
RECYCLE rainwater (or grey water) for toilet flushing.
It may seem like a daunting task but we’re here every step of the way. Many of our solutions are simple to install and use. Others require little or no change in human habits — super easy.

Try our 5 easy tips out for size:

  • READ water meter data and reports to identify leaks early — see our Smarta Logger
  • REPAIR leaking pipes, valves or other equipment quickly.
  • REPLACE seals on water pipes that become worn.
  • REMEMBER to turn taps off when not in use.
  • RENEW old equipment and worn out plumbing fixtures with water-saving models.

Ask Smarta Questions:

  • ADVISE you on setting water flow rates to the minimum needed.
  • SUGGEST efficient equipment that puts you in control of the speed, time and volume of flow from your water sources.
  • IDENTIFY areas where recycled water could be used instead:

Smarta Money

Consolidated Billing

Want one bill in one invoice for everything you owe? You got it.

We’ll provide everything you need to know about your consumption and charges for water, wastewater, trade effluent and drainage all in one place.

Big Business and Multiple Meters?

Business is complicated enough, we make it simpler with one bill and one set of payment terms. No matter how many meters and how many premises you own, we’ll wrap everything up neatly in one single monthly payment.

Our consolidated billing service helps you to view and compare your water usage over time and across different sites. Putting you in the driver’s seat when it comes to identifying unusual consumption levels and potential opportunities to improve water efficiency.

To find out more about merging your water and sewerage accounts with Smarta Water, drop us a line at or chat to a member of our online team now.

One bill. One invoice. One payment. One easy way to get things done.

Want A Little Extra?

Other Value Added Services

If you need more, we can provide a range of additional services through agreements and affiliations with our industry leading partners.

With the option for us to enter into contracts directly for you or to provide specialised contacts for customers experiencing problems with their on-site supplies, we’ve got everything you need covered.

Here If You Need…

  • Water Audits & Water Footprints
  • Water Efficiency Identification & Analysis
  • Leak Detection & Repair
  • Automatic Meter Readings (AMR) & Smart Metering Options Including Installation
  • Wastewater Recycling & Reuse Solutions.
  • Emergency & Contingency Planning, Including Drinking Water Provision & Bulk Water Tankering
  • Consultancy & Technical Support
  • New Connections, Including Large Sites & Multi-Sites
  • Design, Engineering & Project Management