Steve Black, Managing Director is excited to announce the formation of Smarta Water, a new, independent non-household water retailer.

Having previously led Smarta Environment, a multi-utility energy broker based in Leeds; Steve recognised the need for change as he lets us know below:

“Since water deregulation in April 2017, as a businesses you have had the ability to change supplier of water and wastewater. However, your new water contract is only one element you should be analysing for savings. At Smarta Environment we worked with customers to monitor their usage using Smarta Utilities Monitoring Systems (SUMS) which enabled us to locate leaks, gain rebates & explore water saving devices, all of which can help you understand the areas you can reduce consumption and save money.

I found a market mainly dominated by retailers merged from existing wholesale water and sewerage companies. An arena which was proving difficult for Smarta Environment to be as dynamic in their processes and services for water retail, as they were compared to the services they provided for gas and electric. I was finding it difficult to obtain the good quality service my customers were accustomed to.

This, along with the recognition of the need for change, and the opportunity to bring a new player to the market, was the foundation of a business where efficiency, excellent customer service and reducing water consumption for customers was top priority – Smarta Water was born!

We brought in a board of directors and key staff who had extensive knowledge of the water retail market, having previously worked for water retailers during the set-up of the retail market, throughout the period leading up to market opening and onwards. We’ve utilised this vital experience to build a more efficient and improved independent retailer with an in-depth understanding of the water industry and its workings.

We’ve built on our previous experience and involvement, expanding our knowledge to ensure Smarta Water have a team ready to provide the first rate service to our customers you expect. Having this business structure and team in place meant Smarta Water was approved for our English retail water and water services licence on 18th May 2018 – one of the quickest applications to be approved to date!”

With office in both Leeds and Bristol, switching to Smarta Water is easy – we’ve created the “Simple Smarta Solution” to make your move to us a breeze.

So if you a business who is looking for a retailer who can give you the services you need and want, at the highest standard, then contact us – we’re here to help. We offer free, no obligation advice and we care about giving you the highest level of service we can.

Sounds good? Our team is ready and waiting to answer your questions.

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