Running a business can be expensive enough and the cost of your water probably goes unnoticed. In order to reduce your costs and operate your business as efficiently as possible, follow our 3 top tips to be Smarta!

1. Drain the expenses

It’s easy to overlook the usage of water in your pipes, taps and other outlets. To drown out unnecessarily high costs make sure your taps aren’t over-using water. The flow of these outlets could be costing you thousands, decreasing the flow could decrease your costs.

It’s only a small, simple test to check your flow pressure and there’s one key thing to look out for – if the flow pressure is higher than 4 litres per minute on maximum speed you’re wasting water and wasting money. Regulating the flow will make sure the volume of water is controlled to a flow that benefits both your business and the environment.

2. Less flush, less fuss

Water usage when flushing is under acknowledged by businesses even though it’s a big contributor to your water bills. Flushing toilets can use excessive amounts of water – this can be simply solved.

All it will take is a few simple measures in the workplace. We have sensors which can measure and ensure in low level use, flushing is stopped in urinals which usually have a constant flushing system. Also, simple suggestions to staff like using the low level flush option could save you money. A dual flush fitted to a toilet could save your business up to 3 litres of water every time it’s flushed.

3. Don’t disregard drips

Leaks can cause costly expenses and unwanted dilemmas. A simple and Smarta way to ensure you don’t have any leaks is by testing your mains stop-tap and water meter.

If the meter is still measuring activity when your water supply is turned off, there is a high probability you have a leak in between your stop-tap and meter. This test doesn’t take up much time and by identifying possible leaks early on you could could save your business unexpected and unnecessary costs and prevent further or more severe damage in the future.

Leaks could be a drain on your finances – why pay for wastage when it can be avoided? Just a single dripping tap can waste up to 5,500 litres of water a year!

It’s important to be aware of where your expenses are being utilised effectively and where they can simply be reduced. To help your business, keep on top of the smaller attributions of your water bills.

Be Smarta, waste less and grow more!