Water is vital for any business to function, being key in daily activities of both smaller and larger enterprises.

Using water as efficiently as possible not only cuts costs, but also has environmental benefits, by reducing contributions to climate change through CO2 emissions. As water is a natural resource, it’s important that we strive to conserve it and in turn we can be Smarta for the environment and help the planet!



Monitor the mains

You can’t reduce your usage if you don’t measure and review the consumption regularly.

Staying on top of your water usage by monitoring will make it easier to analyse where you can be saving your business money and help the environment at the same time.

This is key to start the process of reducing your consumption and you simply cannot minimise your measures if you do not monitor them.

At Smarta we work together before installing SUMS (Smarta Utilities Monitoring Systems), our own Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technology, so we can ensure the best possible results. With SUMS, it’s possible to use real-time data to track usage as often as every 15 minutes. Ideal for helping us spot gradual and sudden changes which indicate changes in consumption profiles or worst case leaks that could be costing you money.

It’s simple and smart, so we can help you start saving as soon as possible and be Smarta for the environment!

Make sense of your consumption

After monitoring your water usage, the data collected will help you understand where you can be Smarta throughout your business. You need to be able to understand both how and why you can be more efficient so you can take action.

Once the monitor results are analysed and areas for opportunity have been detected, your business can assess and plan for the future – this can be made clearer if you have chance to compare your performance and set realistic goals.

Smarta can help you identify areas to provide the best opportunities for savings to be made now and in the future.

Minimise your measures

This is when you can take action. When you have full knowledge of how your business is functioning and where improvements can be made, you can minimise your measures.

You can minimise your consumption in the most simple ways, using improvement measures and water saving devices.

Following the collection of data, you will know what best suits your business.

Different needs require tailored solutions and  at Smarta our bespoke approach to water management means we provide the right services and benefits just for you.


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